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This webpage will act as a resource hub throughout our series through the book of Romans. Check here each week as this page will contain any resources we reference.

We've developed some tools to help you in your personal study and devotional times as we go through Romans. Pastor Tony wrote a 110-page study called "Pastoral Reflections on Romans". We hope you will find this to be a great aid! Click the button below to view and download.

Pastoral Reflections on Romans


Romans by F.F. Bruce

"Romans: A New Covenant Commentary by Craig Keener

The Message of Romans: God's Good News for the World by John Stott

Romans 1-7 for You by Tim Keller

Romans 8-16  for You by Tim Keller

Romans NIV Application Commentary by Douglas Moo

Romans: Paul's Masterpiece on Grace: Bible Commentary by Andrew Womack

week 1: Romans Introduction

Week 2: The law & lostness of humanity

Week 3: How to have a really good day

Justification by Faith Document

Week 4: belief. surrender. baptism.

Week 5: before & after

Week 6: Adopted

Father's Love Letter