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Welcome to our Updates page! We'll be keeping this page updated daily with everything you'll need to know in the coming weeks.


Sunday 9:30am & 11am| In Person 
Sunday 9:30am | Facebook Live & Youtube Live

If you missed the most recent message, you can watch it on YouTube.


Many of you already choose to give your tithes and offerings online. Now is a great time to consider doing so if you aren't already. We are encouraging you to listen to the Holy Spirit and trust the Father when He says that He will do more than we can ever ask for or imagine.



Updates for the week of August 30th

  • We will have services this Sunday, August 29th, in person at 9:30am and 11:00am.  We will be streaming our 9:30am service on Facebook & Youtube.
  • Our Kid City Ministry will be available during both services and Youth Ministry will be available during our 9:30am and 11am services.
  • Our Food Pantry has essentials available if you are in need! If you are in need, or know someone in need, please us to let us know! 
  • Our Little Free Pantry out front is available 24/7 for those in our community for anyone in need of nonperishable goods or hygiene products. You can also donate any items to the pantry as well!
  • Middle School & High School Youth Group are meeting Tuesday nights at 7pm.

Pastor Tony's Weekly Email

September 1st, 2021

Good Afternoon VLC Family,

I read a story recently about a wild horse who was befriended by a person who began to care for it. Then I read a story about a dog that had been rescued. I began to think about these creatures' lives before and after being befriended by a human. This made me think about a life of independence in comparison to a life lived in submission to God.

We all wrestle with pride and wanting our independence. We want to be in control, to run our own lives. Our society is built around independence and self-reliance. We cheer the person who succeeds on their own. But is complete freedom the ultimate life?

Let's say you capture a wild horse that has never been ridden. You admire its beauty and untamed strength. But this horse is of no value until it is broken. Until the horse's will is submitted to its owner, it serves no purpose. Once broken, a relationship can develop that benefits the horse and the owner. As trust deepens, the horse knows he can trust his owner to take care of him and provide shelter and care.

The horse was not created to live on its own. It was created to partner with man by submitting its strength to be used for something better.

Now picture a dog that is wild or roaming on its own. Dogs running wild are a danger to themselves and others. Their fear of man turns them into enemies of man. Even though they are free, they suffer from the environment, other wild dogs, and a lack of shelter and care

When the dog is domesticated, it retains all of its strengths. It can now benefit by giving and receiving love. It can serve a purpose and find contentment.

We are no different. Until our will is surrendered to God we can enjoy our independence, but we miss the relationship, the love, the care, and the fulfillment that comes from submitting our lives to God.

To commit our lives to God does not mean we become slaves or robots anymore than getting married makes you a slave. We are constantly living in the tension between running our lives and making our own decisions, or trusting God.

We must continually choose to trust God so that we may live the "abundant life" Jesus intended for us (John 10:10).

Brokenness means surrendering to God for our greater good. It must be our choice to humbly submit to God and His will over ours.

"Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will exalt you." James 4:10

Don't miss this Sunday!

This Sunday we launch our new series Un-Shamed, where we'll explore Paul's letter to the Romans. This book is the centerpiece of Christian living. We've developed some tools to help you in your personal study and devotional times as we go through Romans. I have written a 110-page study called Pastoral Reflections on Romanswhich came out of my journaling through Romans the past several months.

Night of Worship
This Sunday, September 5, at 6:30 PM, will be our next night to gather and celebrate through worship and prayer. Childcare will be provided.

Upcoming Events
Oct. 1st - Women's Campfire and Smores Night
Oct. 3rd - Night of Worship
Oct. 15-17th - Men's Retreat

Life Groups are just starting and will run through the week of Nov. 10th. Check out the groups online.

Here is a link to the YouVersion application where you can follow along with notes, give your tithes and offerings, and see events that are happening.

For our Prayer Line, call 317-222-5510 ext. 4.

Mail-in offerings: Vineyard Life Church, 612 N. High School Rd., Indianapolis, IN 46214. If you need prepaid postage offering envelopes, contact the church office.

Visit our website at vlindy.com for more updates and information. 

Some have asked about wearing masks again with the spread of Covid. As a leadership team, we have decided to wear masks on Sundays. This is not a requirement for everyone else. We just feel this is a good way to take a posture of humility in serving others.

Living in God's peace,
Tony & Lori