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Sunday 9:30am & 11am| In Person 
Sunday 9:30am | Facebook Live & Youtube Live

If you missed the most recent message, you can watch it on YouTube.


Many of you already choose to give your tithes and offerings online. Now is a great time to consider doing so if you aren't already. We are encouraging you to listen to the Holy Spirit and trust the Father when He says that He will do more than we can ever ask for or imagine.



Updates for the week of March 22nd

  • We will have services again this Sunday, March 28th, in person at 9:30am and 11:00am.  We will be streaming our 9:30am service on Facebook & Youtube.
  • Our Kid City Ministry and Youth Ministry will be available for both services.
  • Our Food Pantry has essentials available if you are in need! If you are in need, or know someone in need, please us to let us know!
  • Middle School & High School Youth Group are meeting again at our church building Tuesday nights at 7pm.
  • If you are a parent, we have weekly updates for you on our Kid City page.

Pastor Tony's Weekly Email

March 31st, 2021

"Those who arrested Jesus led him away to Caiaphas, the chief priest, and to a meeting where the religious scholars and the supreme Jewish council were already assembled. Now, Peter had followed the mob from a distance all the way to the chief priest’s courtyard. And after entering, he sat with the servants of the chief priest who had gathered there, waiting to see how things would unfold." Matthew 26:57-58 TPT

Picture this most ironic scene.

The two men, just yards away from one another and who both should have been the most aware of Jesus being the Son of God, reject Him.

Caiaphas, the High Priest over all of Temple and Israel, should have been the most attuned to Jesus through his knowledge and role of being the spiritual leader of Israel.

And Peter, where is all the bravado about his willingness to die with Jesus? His rejection of Jesus to the people gathered around the fire that night was no worse than what was taking place inside.

I want to observe that regardless of how much religious knowledge you gain or how close you have walked with Jesus in the past, given the right pressure and circumstances we will be tempted to deny Him. It may in making a decision we know will lead to a sinful act, or not speaking to someone when we feel prompted. 

Human reasoning has a way of winning out over obedience, or the fear of man and self-preservation can paralyze us.

Before we condemn them both we must ask ourselves, have we denied Him? Have we been silent when we should have spoken up? Have we held back when we should have given? Have we doubted when we should have had faith?

We have all failed at times to believe and obey God. The question is, how do we respond? Do we justify ourselves like Caiaphas, or do we humble ourselves and allow God to restore and renew us like Peter?

As we contemplate our relationship and devotion to Jesus this Holy Week, let humility guide you to the Cross. Ask the Holy Spirit to give you greater clarity of Jesus' sacrifice on your behalf. Surrender anything that you've held back. Ask God to reveal more of Himself and draw you close as you worship Him. 

Good Friday Service at 7 pm

Don't miss a special interactive service we have planned for Friday night. Along with worship, we have created an interactive experience to help you connect with God for a greater revelation of Jesus' sacrifice on the Cross.

Easter Celebration this Sunday, 9:30 and 11:00 am

Easter is always a wonderful celebration of Jesus' resurrection. We have some great music planned. I have a message that I can't wait to bring on how the resurrection affects our life come Monday. Kid City has its own celebration planned for your children.

Easter Outreach this Saturday from 1-3 pm

We are looking forward to this Saturday, April 3rd,  from 1:00 pm-3:00 pm, for our Drive-thru Easter Event at the church! Thank you again for volunteering as we are excited to be able to serve together this weekend!

If you are volunteering, please plan to arrive around 12:30 pm so we can get everyone set up and ready to go a little before 1:00 pm. We need 4 people to help with directing cars in and out of the lines. If you can help, contact Starla before Friday.

Please park next door in the back of the Fire Territory Headquarters.

Kid City Camp, June 7-11th 

This is one of our biggest annual community outreach events. We are still looking for a few volunteers to coach. If you would like to help coach basketball, soccer, flag football, art, film, taekwondo, cheer, or dance, please contact the church office.

Don't miss this Sunday, at 9:30 or 11:00 a.m. You can also join us Sundays online at 9:30 a.m. on Facebook Live and YouTube Live. The service is immediately posted on Facebook so you can watch it anytime.

Here is a link to the YouVersion application where you can follow along with notes, give your tithes and offerings, and see events that are happening.

For our Prayer Line, call 317-222-5510 ext. 4.

Mail-in offerings: Vineyard Life Church, 612 N. High School Rd., Indianapolis, IN 46214. If you need prepaid-postage offering envelopes, contact the church office.

Visit our website at vlindy.com for more updates and information. 

In Christ's love,
Tony & Lori