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Resources for further study in the book of Hebrews



You can read or listen to several contemporary translations of the Bible. We use the New Living Translation on Sundays and Pastor Tony's personal study.

Step Bible

This is a great online resource you can download to do a background study on specific words in the Biblical text. See where else the keyword you are studying is used throughout the Bible and its definition in its original language. Check it out it here.

The Bible Project

This online resource leads you through a video describing the background and overview of the book of Hebrews.

Verse by Verse Study with Chuck Missler

This is a few decades old, but a great resource for teaching through the entire book of Hebrews. You can watch it on YouTube.

Bible Gateway

You have free access to Matthew Henry’s classic commentary on the entire New Testament.

NIV Application Commentary by George Guthrie

This is Pastor Tony's favorite commentary.

Weekly Sermon Videos

Week 1 - Jesus Is Better


Week 2 - jesus is better than angels

Week 3 - Jesus is Better Than Moses

Week 4 - Kingdom of Priests

Video Resources

Cliffe Knechtle Video

Jesus is better - spoken word