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Welcome! We're so glad you're here!

So what is MiX?

As God’s children, we are created in His image. We are His perfect masterpiece.  In a world filled with so much art, diversity, and culture, He is calling us to say “yes”, to take a risk, and to go out into that world and "MiX" it up with people from all walks of life. We want to share His message of love and salvation with all those we come in contact with.

We want MiX to be so much more than just a "touch and go" moment on a week night. We want to be a group of students who jump into this crazy life with Christ and develop a passion for all things Him. This is something we pursue, wrestle to the ground, and make our own.  

What are the service times?

We currently have two weekly meetings with our Vineyard Life Church Indy teens (MiX).  The first is our rockin' Tuesday evening gathering. This consists of a live student band, thrown in with a little food, fellowship and fun, as well as heartfelt relational teaching and small groups that focus on walking where teens are at in life.  (Middle and High School students meet for worship, then separate into their own services.)

We also have MiX – “Hang Time”. This is a Life Group which meets at our main Indy Campus on Sunday mornings.  MiX is open to all middle school and high school teens, grades 6-12. Teens will meet in the upstairs classrooms of the office wing at our Vineyard Life Church Indy campus

MiX Service
Tuesdays | 7:00pm - 8:30pm
9101 W. 10th St., Indianapolis

 MiX – "Hang Time"
Sundays | 9:00am
612 N. High School Rd., Indianapolis

How do you update the parents with what's going?

Updates come to parents through the VLC Student Ministry Parents Page (that's a mouthful we know, but you can find it right here)   

On the page, you'll find monthly calendars, as well as upcoming events, camps, and ministry opportunities.  These calendars will also be available to the students and parents in printed format, as well as posted digitally on our MiX Facebook page

We very much count it a privilege to work with your teens, and we believe that having an open line of communication with parents is the key to a successful youth ministry program.  We welcome any interested parents to attend a weekly gathering, as well as our outreach trips and events.  We greatly appreciate the trust you show us as we work with your amazing teens.  Thank You!

Why should my teen come to MiX?

 Young people today crave something that is real and relevant for their lives.  Living off their parent's faith isn't enough, and they strive to find truth in a world of no absolutes.  At MiX, teens will discover that God is not just a bunch of words written in a book that the world around them claims is empty. They will find that He is a very real and alive Savior who can be encountered and experienced in their lives.  MiX is so much more than just a youth group, it’s a family.

I have other questions concerning the student ministries at Vineyard Life Church...

Please don't hesitate to contact Scott Miller by phone or email with any youth related questions. He will be more than happy to chat about these amazing teens with you!