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Dollars & Sense

Money matters to a lot of us, and it also matters to God. He has a lot to say in scripture about money and our motives related to it. In this series we look at how we can have financial freedom.

Tom Allen

Tom Allen joins us. Tom is currently the head football coach for Indiana University. Tom was instrumental in helping us launch Vineyard Life Church when he was the head football coach for Ben Davis High School. He has a great challenge at IU and a great story to share!


We are all pursuing and thirsting for different things in our lives. We'll spend a few weeks hanging out at a well, and we'll meet three different people or groups of people who were all searching for something different. Jesus promised to all those who were thirsty that they could come and drink freely.

Helping a Friend in Crisis

What are the right and wrong things to say? How does mental health counseling and prayer work together? These are some of the issues are covered in this message. If you know someone who is going through a time of crisis, this message is for them.

Palm Sunday 2019

Pastor Scott Himes shares a relevant message on Palm Sunday. If we allow Jesus to be King of our lives, our lives will be changed in amazing ways.


We all carry baggage from our past that weighs us down and keeps us from enjoying life and experiencing all that God has for us. Discover how God wants to remove the things that are weighing you down and keeping you from the joy He has for you.

Made for More

This series is about how God wants to impact and empower your life. We'll discover timeless truths about how God leads and speaks to us. Throughout this series we'll see how to experience the kind of life God has created for us. 


In our first series of 2019, Blueprints: Building a Better Life, we'll discover the foundational keys to building better lives for the future. This is going to be a great way to set the course for the new year.

Humble King

Throughout this series, we'll be exploring the ways in which Jesus modeled humility, joy, peace, and hope to discover how we can better live these out in our own lives as well.

Uncivil Wars

In this seven week series, we look at how to better live in civility with those around us. Life can often get the best of us and cause us to loose peace. With God's help, we can live greater lives of civility and learn how to be at peace.