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My Church

In this series we will look at the importance of spiritual family, the church.

The Art of Neighboring

The key focus of this series is on loving our neighbors. Who are our neighbors? What does it look like to truly love our neighbors? What gets in the way? We explore these questions and more in this series.


In this series we look at one of the most fundamental and essential elements in the life of a believer: prayer.

Standalone Messages

Can't find the message you're looking for? Browse here through our collection of messages from special services and guest speakers.


In the Book of John, Jesus makes seven exclusive sayings about Himself all beginning with "I Am". Each of these statements reveals something about Jesus' character and claim to be God. Each week we'll examine the importance of what each of these titles means to us.


This two part series looks at Paul's only personal letter written to an individual. A small book of the Bible, but a very important one. 


Each week we will look at some of the current arguments challenging Christianity and provide practical and biblical answers to reinforce your faith and maybe open some eyes to God's truth.

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