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Current Series


In this series we take a look at the most important foundations of our faith.


Each week we will look at some of the current arguments challenging Christianity and provide practical and biblical answers to reinforce your faith and maybe open some eyes to God's truth.


In this series we will be focusing on the Holy Spirit as we lead into Pentecost on May 28th.

The Struggle Is Real

The struggle to pursue Christ in our culture is certainly real. In this series we will be looking at what things in our life and what pressures from our culture hinder us from growing into a deeper relationship with Christ.

What Is?

In this series we look at how God defines man, woman, and marriage. 

Mixed Emotions

We cannot be spiritually healthy and mature if we are not emotionally mature. In this series, we'll take a look inside and discover how God frees us from the negative emotions of our past and gives us new life.

Our Vineyard Vision

In this series we lay out the foundational values that help cast our vision as a Vineyard church for 2023 and beyond.

A Weary World Rejoices

The holiday season can bring us lots of great feelings, however, it can also be a time of loneliness and isolation. In this Advent series we focus on 4 main areas that Jesus wants to bring light into our lives during this season.


What if becoming the person you want to be starts before you make a decision? Before you click "buy," or before you take one more bite. Can the decisions you make today help you live the life you want tomorrow?

What Would Jesus Undo?

In this series, we’ll go beyond the simple slogans of what it means to follow Christ, and open ourselves up to discover the knots in our lives that Jesus wants to undo, so that we can live an authentic faith.

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