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Humble King

Throughout this series, we'll be exploring the ways in which Jesus modeled humility, joy, peace, and hope to discover how we can better live these out in our own lives as well.

Uncivil Wars

In this seven week series, we look at how to better live in civility with those around us. Life can often get the best of us and cause us to loose peace. With God's help, we can live greater lives of civility and learn how to be at peace. 

The Land Between

There are times when we go through difficult transitions in life. Even though this land between feels like a desert, it is fertile ground for spiritual growth and encountering God. Discover how we can better trust God through the journey in the land between.

Family Circus

Does life constantly feel like a circus? It can be a constant struggle to deal with the countless things life throws at us. Throughout this series, we take a look at how we can get a better handle on dealing with our priorities, families, jobs, and more.

Joy Ride

In this series, we examine how to find joy in even the most difficult circumstances. Come and discover where real joy is found!

This is What We Do

We live in a culture that is built around a constant message that we do not have enough and need to consume more to be happy. Where did this attitude and perspective come from? We discover that more in this series.

Prayer is...

In this series, we take a look at what we refer to as the Lord's Prayer for insights to make our understanding of God's will and direction for us more clear.

Control Freaks

Many of us live with the illusion that we can, or need to control everything in our lives. What is the alternative to trying to control everything? Discover what it really means to let go and let God.

Crazy Love

Join us for a series based on Francis Chan's book, "Crazy Love".

Unreasonable Risk

For too many Christians, faith has turned in to a boring, lifeless ritual. God wants so much more. Discover what it means to live the adventure God has for you, which will involve risk!